The Water Symbols
CANCER Jun/22 - Jul/22 - 22 de junio al 22 de julio
    SCORPIO Oct/23 - Nov/21  ESCORPIÓN 23 de octubre al 21 de noviembre
 PISCES Feb/19 - Mar/20 - PISCIS 19 de febrero al 20 de marzo


These digital Prints are 11” x 14”. These archival quality prints are made on double weight matte photographic paper, with lightfast inks (proof 90 years). No mass production has been made of these or any other of the symbols of this collection. The prints are made, signed and numbered by the artist as they are ordered. A total of 500 individual copies will be printed from the original scan of each symbol. Each symbol print is accompanied by a corresponding printed text, describing the basic characteristics of the symbol and the Aztec elements of design used in it’s composition.
Each individual print is 
$50.00 (USD)